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Country – Fact Sheet


Official Name

St. Vincent and the Grenadines




389 Sq. Kms.[Main island St. Vincent is 340, other 32 islands have 49 sq km]

Weather (in °C)

24 to 31 degree Celsius throughout the year.

(Tropical, hot and humid all year round, with a relatively cool, dry season from January to mid-April and a hot, humid and rainy season from June to December.


109,991 (Census of 2012)

110,593 (Est. 2019, World bank)

Forest Cover

73%    (2020, World Bank) 

CO2 Emissions

2.54 Metric tons per capita  (2018, World Bank) 

Tourists Arrivals (Year)

 3,92,000 (2019, World Bank)

Age profile

Median age 35.3

(Under 15 (20.15%), 15-64 (69.13%) and 65+ (10.72%)    (2020), (Estimated)

Life Expectancy

Male: 74.63 years, Female: 78.79 years (Estimated)


English, Vincentian Creole and French Patois

Ethnic Groups

African Decent 71.2%, Mixed 23%, East Indian 1.1%, European 1.5%, Other 0.2% (Census of 2012)

Main Religions

Christianity is the dominant religion (75%).  There is also a sizable Rastafarian community and small groups of Hindus and Muslims.

Internet Penetration

22.9%    (2019, Estimated) 

Mobile Phones

87.49 (per 100 inhabitants)   (2020, Estimated) 


53.9%    (2022, Estimated)



East Caribbean Dollar (XCD)

Exchange rate with US $

XCD 2.70 = US$1 (As on 11 April 2022)

Rs. 28.07= 1XCD   (As on 11 April 2022)


US$ 752 million   (2021, IMF)


GDP Growth Rate

-6.1%                (2021,IMF)

Major Sectors (% of GDP)

Agriculture (7%), Industry (14%) & Services (79%)

Unemployment Rate (%)

22.5 %    (2015, Statistical Office, Government of SVG) 

Inflation (%)

-0.628% (2020, World Bank)

GDP Per Capita (PPP)

US$ 12105   (2020, Trade Economics)

Total Trade (2020)


US$ 376 mn (Statistical Office, Government of SVG)

Exports (2020)


US$ 55 mn (Statistical Office, Government of SVG)



US$ 321 mn (Statistical Office, Government of SVG & Trade Map) 

Balance of Trade (2020)

-US$ 266 mn   

Major Trading Partners

Export: United States, Barbados, Portugal & St. Lucia

Import: United States, Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom, China & Japan. (Trade Map)

Major items of Export and Import

Export: Special Purpose Ships, Recreational Boats, Wheat Flours, Scrap Vessels, Animal Food, Tug Boats, Passenger and Cargo Ships, Cassava etc.


Import: Mineral Oils, Mineral fuels, Refined Petroleum, Passenger and Cargo Ships, Poultry Meat, Tug Boats, Recreational Boats, Wheat, Diamonds, Drilling Machines, Construction Vehicles, Packed Medicament etc

(Trade Map)


Political Structure

Constitutional Monarchy with a Parliamentary form of Govt.

Major political parties

Unity labour Party (ULP)

New Democratic Party (NDP)

Head of State

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Represented by Governor General

Her Excellency Ms. Dame Susan Dougan

(since 01 Aug 2019)

Head of Government (Prime Minister)

H.E. Dr. Hon. Ralph E. Gonsalves, Prime Minister (7th November 2020) (Fifth consecutive since 2001)

Minister of Foreign Affairs & Foreign Trade

PM Ralph E. Gonsalves, himself

Minister of State for Foreign Affairs & Foreign Trade

 Ms. Keisal M. Peters


Bilateral Trade (Ministry of  Commerce, GoI India)


   US$ 0.76 million

Indian exports (Ministry of  Commerce, GoI India)


   US$ 0.76 million

Indian imports



Major Items of Export and Import

(Ministry of  Commerce, GoI India)


Export from India: Pharmaceuticals, Electrical machinery, Plastic, iron and steel, printed books, fisheries, cotton and textiles, etc.

Imports to India: Electrical machinery & Ships, boats & floating structures (DoC)  

Indian Investments in SVG


SVG's Investments in India


Indian Origin/ NRIs/ Indian Students

7700 PIOs and 8 NRIs (Mixed Indian origin together with PIOs constitute about 20% of SVG’s population)

Indian diaspora Organization


1st June has been declared as Indian Arrival Day and 7th October as Indian Heritage Day by SVG Parliament. SVG Indian Heritage Foundation aims to revive and promote cultural and social links with India.

Indian Organizations

(Bank/PSUs/GovtOrganizations/Indian Companies)


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