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As you are aware, e-visa scheme is available for Suriname and countries concurrently accredited to Embassy of India, Suriname, i.e. Barbados, Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent & the Grenadines.

Kindly note the changes in validity period and fees of e-visa scheme:

A short duration e-visa for tourist, with one-month validity with visa fee of US$25.00 has been introduced.

This above e-visa fee of US$25.00 would further be reduced to US$10.00 during the period of April – June every year.

Validity of e-visa with fee of US$80.00 has been increased from 1 year to 5 years with multiple entry facility.

Fee for one year e-tourist visa has been reduced to half from US$80.00 to US$ 40.00.

For further detailed information and filling up the form please follow the link :


*Bank charges - US$5.00 with all the services if the fee is paid through bank draft/banker’s cheque in favour of Embassy of India, Paramaribo.







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